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What is Rent&Rent?

Rent & Rent is a property management company with a vast experience in the market - since 2003 we work with local accommodation. We disclose, monetize and handle all reservation management without any concerns. We take care of your property as if it were ours - we know how important it is to you.


Know all the advantages of Rent & Rent.

Rent & Rent has the advantage of dealing with all the bureaucracy required in this sector. Our experience allows us to make the most of the market and, therefore your property. In a legal and transparent way you can closely monitor the management of your property even if you are miles away.


Rent and Rent?

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Rent your home with zero problems.

With Rent & Rent your home is in good hands since the beginning until the end of the process - you will get a personalized service done specially for you. At the same time your property is rented, it’s monitored and taken care of by a super team to prevent all kinds of issues.

Your home, your rules.

Our close relationship with our investing partners allows you to share your opinion on the matter so you can be an active member on our management. It’s the combination of your property with our know-how that will bring a greater profit on your investment.We are a team.

We take care of everything.

Rent & Rent has a complete service which adapts to you and your business. From all the bureaucracy to decoration, from advertising to cleaning, from checking-in to checking-out and assisting your guests, we do everything for you! We manage and take care of your property for a higher profit.

How do we make your
property more profitable?

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We are quick to get your property into shape for the market so it will become profitable right away.

What to expect
from our services?

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What can Rent&Rent do for me?

Rent&Rent will help you rent your property full time or your own home during your vacation. We take care of everything!

We advertise your home on Airbnb (or other expatriate and student promotion websites), take care of all communication with guests, arrange welcome check-in, clean your home and use our experience to optimize your property on the best advertising sites.

So you can enjoy your time while making money worry-free.

How can I join Rent&Rent?

If you wish our services to help you monetize your home, you can apply through our form. We will contact you shortly.form). We will contact you really shortly.

What are the costs?

There are no upfront costs, no management fees and no monthly fees. We charge a fee of between 30% and 35% (plus VAT) plus a cleaning fee to customers. This means that there is no financial risk.

How much can I earn with Rent&Rent?

You can generally make your property 150% to 200% profitable, more than with a traditional long-term lease.
You can enjoy the profit without the worry of organizing the cleaning, the keys’ exchange or the laundry maintenance.
We contact the guests directly, in order to select them as vialable choices and also to help them enjoy their stay the maximum possible by responding to their needs.

What do I need to start making my property profitable?

If you want RENT&RENT to help you make your property profitable, simply leave your contact. We'll get back to you.

After the first contact, and so that our communication become as fluid as possible, there are only a few requirements left:

  • Fill out our application form
  • Create a personal profile on Airbnb (we can also create it for you if you need!)
  • Four sets of keys to the property.

And that's all! After that, we take care of the rest.

Is this a legal business?

Yes, it is legal and in accordance with the Portuguese legislation.

RENT & RENT believes that it is important to comply with all legal rules and rent your home responsibly.

We do not work with illegal housing.You can find out more about the renting laws in Portugal here:portuguese law.

RENT & RENT can also assist you throughout the licensing and accounting process. We collaborate with the best professionals in these areas to help and advise you.

Where can I leave my personal and precious objects?

It is best to put your belongings in a locked closet or in an unused room. It is also preferable to have the possibility to lock this room or closet.

What are the tax consequences of local housing?

Income taxes are required. The amount you pay depends on your tax situation. However, the new tax law on local housing incomes is much more favorable than on normal long-term leasing.

Income tax is taxed at 15-35% of gross income. You only pay tax on 15 to 35% of income. This means that 65 to 85% of the amount you earn through local accommodation is considered an expense, so it is not subject to tax.

For reference, if you are self-employed, taxes will range from 2% (lower income tax) to 14% (higher income tax), excluding VAT charges.

You can find here an article on the local taxation of housing:ARTICLE

RENT&RENT has specialists in temporary housing accounting.

I live in a rented house. Can I also rent with Rent&Rent?

Yes you can. You just need permission from your landlord.

Is the house insured against theft and/or vandalism?

We mainly publish our apartments on Airbnb.

This automatically guarantees up to 800 000 € in case of damage. In some cases, your home insurance is also valid, but you will need to check with your insurance company.

Which reservation websites do you use to announce my house?

We can advertise your home on more than 20 platforms, but in most cases we advertise it on Airbnb. Airbnb gives you the opportunity to contact your guests before booking. This helps us to choose our guests (and to provide insurance of up to € 800,000).

What is the difference between Airbnb and Rent&Rent?

RENT & RENT provides a complementary service. We are not a booking chain and we do not compete with Airbnb.
Airbnb and RENT & RENT benefit from each other (without formal agreement).

Where can I get some help?

We are open daily from 09:30 to 17:30 (weekends included) by calling (+351) 939 360 755.
You can also contact us through our email or our form (contact form).

What our partners
have to say?

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Rent&Rent is the real partner when it comes to renting my property. They rarely call me with problems.
Thank you, Rent&Rent.

Rui Silva, T2 Santa Clara

We are very satisfied with the management they do of our property. The success of the reservations and the great reviews are a fair return for your efforts.

Jean-Marie, T3 Alfama

Great job! It is important to constantly think about improvements and to be attentive to guest comments for this. They are always helpful and diligent. Thank you very much!

Renata, T3 Bica

We always refer Rent&Rent, how you’ve always been professional and quick in solving all the issues related to the house in these two years of service.

Sofia Gomes, T2 Alcântara

We’ve been making properties profitable since 2003.
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Rent&Rent makes your property profitable

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